Beautiful Vacations: In the Triangle Cliff House

Triangle Cliff House
A beautiful practice that we especially cherish at lichtecht is to take a break from daily business on Friday afternoon so that each member of the team can work on a personal creative project. For some time, lichtecht owner Matthias Arndt has had the idea to set his dream vacation house in the Norwegian fjords. As an accomplished architect, he couldn’t merely settle with a simple red wooden house. The spectacular design of this bright, triangular house sits atop the steep slope of a fjord, and was posted with positive reviews on Behance where it created a lot of momentum. Through this, the worldwide media took note of the design and the word spread fast. The design appeared in Le Figaro in France, the Daily Mail in Great Britain, and amongst others such as Elle Decor and Maxim. The vision of this vacation home is to be situated in harmony with the landscape while also radiating with its own full character, claims Matthias on his groundbreaking style. He believes that architecture and nature should hang in symbiosis with one another. And who knows, maybe the Triangle Cliff House will soon be actually standing on a fjord. No one said it has to be in Norway…

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