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lichtecht welcomes you to virtual reality

Since 2002, we have impressed customers and competitors with high-end visualizations of planned building projects throughout Europe. The breadth of our task ranges from the building of a family home to the complexity of large-scale projects. For the marketing of these projects, presentations of inside and outside spaces are essential, and we provide many well-known clients with breathtaking single images and impressive films. Our experienced team of architects and designers will implement your specifications so that the result can hardly be distinguished fom a photo.

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Office in Hamburg

Nestled in the old town, in the middle of Katharinenstraße, lichtecht has called Hamburg home since 2001. The office is conveniently located and well served by public transport.

Our customers

At the heart of our daily work is the visualization of home building projects, but along with our many customers from the home construction sector, well-known project developers, architects, and designers have been in our portfolio for years.

The process

lichtecht realizes a photorealistic theme from your specifications. You provide us with digital plans of your project and discuss with us the concrete requirements of the results to be delivered. Then we move on to implementation.

Our strong team

We are here for you

Architects, designers, 3D artists, and engineers: the lichtecht team is committed, creative, and well-trained. With close cooperation in small teams, we can realize projects quickly and with the highest quality. Our workflow minimizes unnecessary corrections and optimizes the final result. This way, both the customer and supplier are satisfied and ready for the next task.

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Matthias Arndt, Geschäftsführer Matthias Arndt, Geschäftsführer

Matthias Arndt

Managing Director

Stefanie Arndt

Managing Director, Creative Director

Tanja Somers Tanja Somers

Tanja Somers

3D Artist

Sarah Möllenbrok Sarah Möllenbrok

Sarah Möllenbrok

3D Artist

Florian Piayda Florian Piayda

Florian Piayda

Creative Director Film

Alexander Ludwig Alexander Ludwig

Alexander Ludwig

3D Artist

Ivan Kitic

3D Artist

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