Buongiorno Italia!


The hub of our 3D visualisation world is located near Venice, more precisely in San Donà di Piave. This is home to the SOA Academy, which every 3D artist has to have visited at least once in their professional lifetime. SOA stands for “State of Art”, which can actually be interpreted in two ways here. On the one hand, graduates are brought up to date with the latest technology and programs on offer; on the other, the work done here is finished so beautifully that it practically is a piece of art in itself…

Three members of the lichtecht crew have completed the SOA Academy course to date; Stefanie Arndt and Tanja Somers even took part in the academy’s masterclass.

Stefanie, Tanja and Matthias recently returned to Venetia to take part in the academy’s annual meeting, where they also got to attend specialist lectures and talk shop about the latest approaches to work with other 3D visualisers from around the globe. All-round state of the art!

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