Modern mountain living

lichtecht | Ski Lodges | Schnee von morgen

The winds of change are sweeping through the mountains – from an architectural perspective at least. Traditional, rustic mountain huts may well still shape the hillsides today, however many building contractors are looking for a more contemporary take on mountain living. With its ski lodges, lichtecht opens up a world of possibilities – based on its own, fresh designs and ways of breathing new life into existing properties, all set against picturesque winter backdrops.

Glass, wood, metal or concrete: traditional building materials are coupled with spectacular architecture to interpret the classic mountain hut anew. Scenic panoramas are reflected in huge glass surfaces, opening interiors to views of the winter landscape. This beautiful backdrop was also created on the computer, enabling realistic lodge designs to be seen exactly as they would look right by a mountain lake or next to the piste. Anything is possible. See for yourself:

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