New at lichtecht: drone flights

Jetzt bei lichtecht: Drohnenflüge

It’s official: lichtecht has been granted a permit to fly drones in northern Germany*. With our HD recordings – whether photo or film – we are now able to depict a building from almost every angle possible: before, during and after completion of your project. These images are excellently suited to projects that have to slot into an overall ensemble, or in the case of infills. The visualisations are integrated so as to give a perfect impression of the finished property.

Using this technology, we can also supply unusual shots and perspectives of buildings and landscapes that are otherwise difficult to achieve or cannot be sufficiently photographed from a helicopter. It also goes without saying that a drone flight is, in comparison, a much more affordable and flexible option.

Now and again we post photos taken by our drone to our Facebook page – feel free to take a look!

* The permit entails certain restrictions and is subject to the approval of the authorising authorities on a case-by-case basis. Please speak to us about your specific project needs.

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