Great Images even in Bad Weather!

Gute Bilder auch bei schlechtem Wetter

In most cases, a professional photoshoot requires fair weather conditions and an existing house as well appealing surroundings for the subject. But with our 3D visualizations, the weather and the season are no problem. Whether it is spring, summer, autumn, or winter, no matter if there is sun or grey skies, rain or even snow, you don’t have to worry!

In real estate marketing, the presentations with a specific time of year give the objects a special touch. With these images, the catalogues guide the customer, offering a staging which sets highlights which viewers will be sure to remember. It’s even better than sunshine!

When your project sees the light of the world through our 3D visualizations, the future house becomes illuminated according to actual orientation and realistic play of light. From south, east or west, where does the light fall in the house? Which rooms are flooded with light in the afternoons? Where do the side shadows lie?

With our software, we can simulate every minute of the day and make it clear to the customer when the sun illuminates ares of the house, both inside and out. Even hard shadows, diffused light, and reflections can be realized without any problems, and each of these features offers the house a unique quality. In addition to the given examples, you can find many other visualizations at

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