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End customers want to get a good idea of what they can expect when buying a property, hence images of fitted bathrooms, kitchens and other interiors becoming increasingly important in the real estate market. This does not necessarily mean choosing every last item of furniture as everyone’s taste is different, but rather visualising the incidence of light, the view from the window and turnkey interior design. Stylishly furnished rooms have a greater appeal and thus a more positive impact on sales and marketing.

With this in mind, lichtecht offers photorealistic images of rooms according to your specifications or on its own initiative that perfectly capture the look and feel of a prospective property. These views can be adapted in terms of the age of the target group, the quality of the fixtures and fittings and even regional features.

lichtecht has a huge library of furnishings at its disposal that allows each and every visualisation to be tailor-made for the property in question. Take a look here:

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