Hurry Up Now!

Here at lichtecht, we keep busy not only with 3D visualizations but also with drone flights, architectural photography, and time-lapse recordings. When it comes to the marketing of large-scale projects, it is increasingly important to uniquely present buildings with quality and flexibility so that potential customers can appreciate the differences in the little details of the interior construction and design. One remembers remarkable details and a good representation, and this is where we come into play:

For already realized buildings, we offer time-lapse recordings which show the property in moving images and display changing daylight or different mood lighting. These films are generated with a stop-motion technique, allowing us to present the objects in a living environment. And if that weren’t enough, we also integrate visualizations into these images in order to create a realistic impression of the unfinished property.

Time-lapse recordings are an effective, additional tool for real estate marketing with which you can set your project in the perfect scene. We post some of these films on our Instagram feed — take a look!

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