A Swedish getaway

Client lichtecht
Year 2018
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Villa Överby

A Swedish getaway

We don’t know whether this "holiday home" is also available for rent – but the person who had it built by renowned architect’s office John Robert Nilsson Arkitektkontor in the exciting archipelago landscape right on Stockholm's doorstep can certainly count themself lucky …

From the rather cold design of the rear of the house – featuring just one glass door – you would never imagine the rest of the house to be so light and airy, with plenty of glass and a view over the water. Here at lichtecht we are really excited about this design – which is why we just had to make a film about this Swedish treasure.

A fully designed bathroom made of Gotland limestone complete with inviting bath, the infinity pool perched above a drop with a view over the neighbouring fjord and the fire pit on the jetty: the time lapse breathes life into the Överby holiday home. See for yourself (and enjoy your getaway to Stockholm’s archipelago).

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