Bauhaus Classics

Client lichtecht
Year 2019
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The Project

Seeking out modernity – the Bauhaus school

To coincide with the centenary, lichtecht is presenting some outstanding designs that have come from first-rate artists, architects and creative minds who either helped sow the seed of the Bauhaus movement or who later helped it grow. The Masters’ Houses in Dessau, for example – now a UNESCO World Heritage site – or Villa Tugendhat in the Czech city of Brno, designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, depict the Bauhaus design philosophy both outside and in. The architecture and interior harmonise beautifully and create living spaces that have set new standards and gone on to inspire several generations of architects.


Challenge and goal


The aim of the project is to bring the Bauhaus architecture and the philosophy behind it to life for the beholder. This could be in the form of 3D images of the building’s shell, views of the inside or even through moving images.


What makes the project so special is the fact that it looks at existing structures in a vibrant setting. Besides the design of the exterior and the buildings’ colouring and furnishings, attention is also given to the tell-tale signs of their age and history.


After conducting a huge amount of research into the Bauhaus classics – floor plans, urban setting and furnishings – the 3D artists at lichtecht “reconstructed” the houses. The focus here is clearly placed on the architecture and interior design.

The result

Bauhaus lives on!

Right down to the smallest detail, the images succeed in bringing the pioneering, functional design of the buildings – some of which are almost 100 years old – to life. The clear structure of the buildings and the fact that they have been stripped back to their fundamental principles, large monochromatic surfaces and huge windows are all key characteristics of the Bauhaus school. The visualisations created by lichtecht highlight the accomplished connection between the architecture and surrounding landscape, almost spartan utility areas and a timeless, muted colour palette. If you are unable to visit these examples of Bauhaus and modernism in person, take in a tour of our Bauhaus classics – you won’t regret it!

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