Panorama Suites

Mitten im Hamburger Uni-Viertel entstehen die Univercity Suites. lichtecht visualisierte insgesamt drei „Themen-Apartments“ für die Vermarktung und richtete sie entsprechend ein.

Client GESA-Bau
Year 2016
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The Project

Staging High Quality Apartments

In targeted real estate marketing, it is important to make available appealing visual material for sales documents like exposés and websites. The different target audiences will more easily invest when they can find these visualizations. For these purposes, we realized three Univercity Suites sample apartments which offer new homes to families, DINKS, and senior citizens. The Panorama Suites are located on the top floors of the impressive building.

The Realization

Challenges and Goals


Floorplans and facilities specific to target groups of differing needs -- these stylistic specifications were available with 3D visualization. Supplemental information for the customer also contained a handout and, of course, floorplans and shots of the building.


It was our task to fill big, bright spaces with life in order to draw in the greatest possible number of interested customers with our final visualization. It was to this end that we planned the interior design.


Furnishings and materials, such as children's toys, period furniture, and design icons, were selected according to the specific target groups. Special attention was also given to the spectacular view of the city.

The Final Result

First Class 3D Visualization

In exact detail, we visualized modern apartments with spectacular architecture according to the customer's requirements. Through the many glassy surfaces, transparency is achieved, providing an airy and friendly atmosphere for the viewer, no matter the target group. The different structures of floors and walls individualize the living environments and provide a subtle but effective support for marketing to different target groups.

The arranged furnishings lend the images an urban feel with which the viewer can identify without being overwhelmed. And with the appropriate, authentic background photos of the view from the apartment, prospective customers can see what they will later view from their living quarters.

Give your real estate marketing more charisma with lichtecht visualizations of interior spaces and exterior displays.

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