The art of Swiss cookery

Client V-ZUG
Year 2018
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The art of Swiss cookery

Household appliances by V-ZUG

We came together with our partner Dreisicht to present innovative hobs, fridges and ovens for V-ZUG, the Swiss market leader for household appliances. The visualisations and product films specifically showcase the products' functional and innovative features – despite the appliances still being in development.

Spectacular tracking shots are used in the films that would never be possible in real life. Among other things, they are used to highlight the benefits of an integrated extractor fan, to show how pots and pans can be placed freely on the hob and to demonstrate the various functions incorporated into the display – a state-of-the-art presentation of high-end products.

Besides their aesthetic appeal, there is another clear advantage to our visualisations: they do away with the need to create an expensive prototype. The customer is able to view the appliances from the comfort of their own home and see endless options when it comes to colours, materials and accessories. Different types of kitchen are defined together with the customer before being perfectly illuminated and brought to life in the respective colour schemes. An undeniably appealing approach, don’t you think?

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