The Bauhaus Style

Client Various
Year 2019
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The Project

Architecture inspired by Bauhaus design

Flat roofs, huge windows, structurally defined fronts, muted colour schemes: these were vital elements even among the founders of the Bauhaus school. Customers of lichtecht 3D visualisations in Hamburg and Berlin have portfolios that feature houses designed with these principles in mind; our job is to bring them to life. We want to take this opportunity to show the impact the Bauhaus movement still has on modern architecture in single-family houses today.


Challenge and goal


To present modern architecture inspired by the Bauhaus style. Clear structures, exciting use of shadows and an attractive landscape design that leaves end customers longing for more.


The buildings’ cubist shapes make for an interesting shadow play. The modern concepts appeal to a discerning target group, which should be considered when designing the exterior.


The reflections in the huge windows and small details such as an open door or evening mood lighting were consciously incorporated to breathe life into the designs as if they were photos.

The result

First-class 3D portrayals

We perfectly complement our customers’ real estate marketing with the visualisations shown here. The designs catch the eye and impress through their clarity – lichtecht looks at how it can best present each individual image. Our customers can choose the kind of light in which they would like to showcase the architecture as well as how the landscaping should look. The result has an extremely positive impact on the end customer’s decision to buy a property.

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