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First class architectural illustrations

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Single images

Lichtecht creates high quality single images to your specifications--from single family houses to huge office complexes. In this way, the marketing of projects which are still in the planning stage is considerably simplified.

Completely furnished interior spaces and exterior areas presented in a realistic environment give the realization a photorealistic effect.

Moving image

For animations, images, and advertising films, lichtecht offers excellent service from a single source. Using a variety of techniques, we offer drone flight film and can mix real footage with 3D-sequences to create impressive material.

You have to see it to believe it.


The right feel for spaces and details can only be achieved by moving through them, whether it's an inside or outside space. Lichtecht makes 360° panoramas for virtual sightseeing tours which allow you to move independently.

These visualizations make a high impact on the marketing process.

The final result

First class high-end 3D visualizations

With interior and exterior views, aerial photographs, film, diverse perspectives, and interactive panoramas along with various seasons and daylight hours, stylish interior design, precise lighting, embeding the landscape, and placement within the new residential district, anything is possible with 3D-visualization from lichtecht. And these details are so realistic that you will recognize almost no difference between photo and visualization.

You can freely chose your materials and structures – the selection is nearly unlimited. To date, our portfolio includes more than 3,000 successfully realized projects.

Single images

We compose photorealistic illustrations of interior and exterior spaces of building projects.

Moving image

Out of real film and 3D animations, we mix the perfect illusions for effective real estate marketing.


Entire building projects or single apartments become virtually accessible – anytime, intuitively, and long before they are built.

Drone flights

Details come alive with aerial perspectives of objects with drones which afford more flexibility than a helicopter.


Architecture photography is challenging. We make impressive images from already built real estate and deliver perfect photos.

Time lapse

Time lapse captures are an extremely remarkable alternative to moving images. They are perfect for online real estate marketing.


We present your projects to prospective customers on project websites and apps from concept to search engine optimization.


Printed sales documents such as exposés or complex brochures are taken care of by printers in our network.

Excellent visualizations are our passion. We want our customers to be inspired by the results of our work.

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