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traumhaus by lichtecht

lichtecht is in the area of architecture illustration one of the leading 3D-Visualization agencies in Germany. One of our greatest expertise is the presentation of single and multi-family homes. For more than 10 years, the companies of the home building industry trust in us. We are the “image makers” of their homes and building projects.

lichtecht provides an all round excellent service from high end 3D-visualization, design concepts for homes and gardens, interiors, 360 degree panoramas for virtual tours, detailed views to animation and image films.

In addition to purely digital visualization, we also offer high resolution exterior photography of your construction projects for photomontage. This way we achieve a more realistic representation of new building and design projects and show how they will fit into the existing environment. lichtecht has the facility and equipment for the production of aerial photographs. This enables us to realize even unusual perspectives such as birdseye view, top view or to direct the view to a specific and unique detail that is important for marketing a story in a particular case.

What makes a house to a “dream” house, is always individual in the eye of the beholder. With renderings by lichtecht you make your house designs come alive. The interior and exterior designs can be experienced by your costumers, even before the foundation has been laid. Our creative 3D artists, with much attention to detail and tailored to your target group, conceive from your specifications photorealistic images from a single house to a complete neighbourhood development.

Our experienced team consisting of architects, interior designers, product designers and 3D specialists as well as our high end equipment and up to date technology guarantee the highest quality for the absolutely proper and fast implementation of your requirements. Similar to a classic photoshoot, lichtecht will assist and accompany you with regards to choosing the best virtual camera positions, the concept, setup and mood until the final image has been perfected. Your planned new building will be shown in the best light.

Stills of family homes in the countryside, penthouses overlooking the city sky, functional offices and commercial buildings, product designs and interiors for Shop Concepts- lichtecht has experienced and visualized them all! Nevertheless we preserve enthusiasm for new tasks and keep a sharp eye for new developments. We are also still growing! Mid-year we will open a brand new office in Berlin in addition to our headquarters in the heart of Hamburg.

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