Massa Haus

Townhomes from massa haus. For those who lead the market, we realize different types of homes, including outdoor areas, for real estate marketing.

Year 2016
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The Project

3D Visualization of a High Quality Housing Development

The concept of massa haus is the building of high quality houses in which the customer dictates the interior construction to a large extent. This makes modern single familiy homes and townhomes affordable with first class quality. In order for potential customers to consider the variety of offered models, lichtecht has created visualizations of nearly all the house types and accompanying outdoor facilities. We also take care to make sure these houses are attractively staged – including different lighting moods and seasons.

The Realization

Challenges and Goals


The customers provide us with DXF/DWG data of the floorplans and views. We discuss the style of exterior ares, the construction materials to use, light, and the position of cameras. Then, we're off to get things started.


The best possible outcomes start with detailed planning, so we internally discuss how the house can be optimally set for the most effective staging. We look for good perspectives and the perfect lighting moods.


After lichtecht builds the house in 3D, we share a correction run with the customer in which the positioning and use of of light can be seen. Then, the detailed visualization of the house and its surroundings follow.

The Final Result

First Class 3D Visualizations

The visualizations from lichtecht perfectly assist the real estate marketing of massa haus. The variety of available home options can be so comprehensively shown that the final customer is able to recognize even the smallest details on the house. Materials like wood and different plaster structures can be aptly transported by the use of light and shadows perfectly cast on these surfaces. The design of exterior facilities is also really important here, so that the customer can observe the house in its actual surroundings.

You can also take an unconventional route, for example by setting the house not in the perfect sunshine but instead in rainy weather or a deep winter snow.

Our images give your customers a good sense of a unique property to own.

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