Nordic Living

Scandinavian design has always been a popular direction for interior design. Clear forms and colors reflect the uncomplicated lifestyle in all living areas.

Client Inhouse
Year 2016
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The Project

Interior Design in the Scandinavian Style

Space to feel good, clear forms and colors: that is Scandinavian design. This type of interior design is increasingly popular, especially since the furnishings are timeless in many cases.

We have designed a full house from entryway to bedroom and have made it accessible. One highlight of this visualization is that the house is actually inhabited. Leaving their open books and flip flops, the inhabitants have just left the picture...

The Realization

Challenges and Goals


Since it was an in-house project, we could decide for ourselves how we wanted to build the house. We set the materials and the color world. The floorplan of the house corresponds to a normal family home.


The first thing was the rough planning: which furniture to use, where it should stand, and which surfaces and textures should go in the kitchen and bathroom. The camera perspectives and viewpoints on the tour come to life in the stage of detailed planing.


The house will be virtually completely built, the furnishings positioned, and the surfaces of the particular materials defined. The incidence of light determines the staging of the images.

The Final Result

A Comfortable Home

Thanks to its interactive accessibility, the Nordic Living House is truly an experience. The viewer is invited to intuitively discover the entire house and can get to know the floorplan and materials used. The type of furnishing underscores the overall character of the architectural design. A cup of coffee on the bedside table, a somewhat untidy fringe of carpet under the dining table, an open book – the play of objects that were still in use generates an authenticity which makes these visualizations extremely realistic.

ln Hamburg and Berlin, lichtecht creates 3D visualizations that inspire and can not be distinguished from a photo.

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